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July 24, 2008

Ottawa: Where construction is a spectator sport

You know you live in an exciting city when a bridge construction project is being featured in the
A major bridge construction in Ottawa project is being featured this week in the the Daily Commercial News and Construction Record publication:
Construction as a spectator sport is making a return to Ottawa.

From special bleachers to be erected nearby, and via a live Webcast, spectators will be able to watch early next month as an expressway bridge is lifted out of the roadway, hauled to a nearby yard, and prefabricated replacement spans brought in and slipped into place.

The job is expected to take 17 hours.

A similar job at the nearby Island Park bridge last summer drew a crowd that at times exceeded 1,000 people, some of whom stayed through much of the night. An unknown number also watched on the Web.

The lifting and moving will be done by Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd., the same firm that carried out last summer’s job.

It involves removing two spans, each three lanes wide, over Clyde Ave., in the city’s near west end, and replacing them with spans four lanes wide.

The work will begin around dinnertime on August 2, 2008, and the bridge is expected to be open for traffic by lunchtime the next day. (Read more...)

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