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July 20, 2008

Demolition of the south side stands at Lansdowne

The lower south sides stands were demolished today at around 8:00am. The Ottawa Citizen reports:
The early morning implosion at Frank Clair Stadium went exactly as planned, as the lower southside stands came down "nice and gracefully," said R.W. Tomlinson project manager Chris Kollar.

Under cloudy skies, Mr. Kollar sat in the "G" section of the north stands, and pushed the button at 8 a.m., after two warning sirens and a countdown.

The 228 charges of dynamite lodged in the structure's pillars exploded from the west to the east, and the stands paused for a moment before cascading to the ground. Debris scattered across the field and a large plume of dust floated upwards and down the Rideau Canal. The upper stands were left unscathed, except for a few drainage pipes that had been pulled out of place. The event took 15 seconds. (read more...)

More photos and videos:
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