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June 04, 2008

Three weeks later: Mayor Larry's blog

We posted about Mayor Larry's blog on May 17 when it was brand new. After three weeks of reading the blog, we're underwhelmed. So far it's mostly press releases, and the tone is impersonal -- at least it doesn't "sound" like something Larry would write.

I think a lot of people voted for Larry because they liked his charisma and personality, and that he wasn't a politician. The material and writing on the blog is the opposite of all of those characteristics.

Blogger Bob LeDrew doesn't like the blog either, calling it a "failed experiment":
I was willing to let O'Brien and / or his staff work out the kinks. For example, I was surprised that there were so few comments on the blog (I count 11 to date). I assumed they were building audience. But Zoom's story makes me wonder if comments are being posted or seen.

I was also willing to give them time to find a voice for the blog. But to this point, it's continued to be not much more than another place to drop advisories and releases. There's little of O'Brien's personality in most of the writing. It feels massaged and corporate, and there's not much point in that. Read on...
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