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June 30, 2008

Ottawa Senators prospects: Cooking & IKEA meatballs

A couple fun blog posts about Ottawa Senators prospects:

First, Ron Eade writes in Ominvore Ottawa about Sens prospects getting a course in cooking at the Urban Element.
And proper eating habits was exactly on the agenda this evening, when I dropped by the Urban Element on Parkdale Avenue. There, 29 young players attending the annual Ottawa Senators Development Camp were given a three-hour (more or less) hands-on demonstration on basic cooking techniques -- and that’s after they had spent serious time on the ice, and after they sat through a two-hour teleconference with a sports nutritionist in Denver telling them what they should and should not eat.

“A lot of these guys are coming from junior hockey or college where they live in either billets or a dorm and the food is prepared for them,” says Randy Lee, the Senators’ director of player development.

“So we want to make sure they have the basic skills to prepare healthy and nutritious meals when they make the transition of living on their own next year.” Read more...
Second, Sportsnet blogger Ian Mendes takes first round draftg pik Erik Karlsson on a trip to IKEA, where they sample some swedish meatballs.
"These taste just like the ones at home. I would definitely come here and eat my meatballs," he declares, wiping the lingonberry sauce from his chin.

And as much as I was surprised by his love for the IKEA meatballs, Erik had a bigger bombshell in store for me.

"You know, I've heard a lot of Swedish players in the NHL will go to the IKEA in their city to buy their food," he divulges to my amazement. Read more...
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