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June 22, 2008

Cycling in Ottawa: What are the trouble spots?

In the past year, Ottawa Citizen blogger David Reevely has asked readers to identify Ottawa's worst bus route and the worst intersection. Now he wants to know about cycling trouble spots: "what are the dangerous problem spots you encounter all the damn time? Missing links between paths, dangerous connections, other foolishness?"

There are lots of comments already on the blog, with complaints about bridges, traffic calming, road maintenance, badly-timed signals, narrow roads, bad signage, and more.

I have two pet peeves about cycling routes in Ottawa:
  1. The lack of a continuous paved bike path between Dow's Lake and the Ottawa River Pathway. There's a partial path that runs just west of Preston, next to the O-Train tracks. It runs from Carling to Gladstone -- with part of it paved and part of it rough trail. You could easily extend a fully paved path all the way through to Scott Street to the Ottawa River. You'd have a great pathway connecting Dow's Lake to Lebreton Flats.

  2. For the past year, the pathway tunnel under the Queensway just west of Moodie has been closed due to Queensway construction. There's no detour route indicated, just a sign that says the underpass is closed, which is disappointing considering that this is busy connecting route between Kanata South / Bells Corners and the pathway network north of the Queensway.
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  1. I'm pretty sure that the Preston path is slated for extension in CMP, but I am unsure if it will be done in phase 1 or 2.


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