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May 20, 2008

Rant of the day: Unhealthy eating at the Heart Institute cafeteria

On Dr. Yoni Freeedhoff's Weighty Matters blog today about "Tickers", the cafeteria at the Ottawa Heart Institute:
Eat at Tickers too often and heaven help your tickers. While there may be a healthy option here or there, the bulk of the food served at Tickers is junk food. Burgers, fries, pop, ice cream, pastries etc., and I could not find a nutritional breakdown anywhere. That's really a shame given that many of the folks eating at Tickers will be patients and their relatives, all of whom clearly have risk factors for heart disease and therefore don't need to incur any additional dietary peril - I wonder if they'd appreciate a means with which to evaluate their choices? Read the entire article...
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