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May 23, 2008

Ottawa Sun's Derek Puddicombe sets off a sh*tstorm

Funny post today from Derek Puddicombe on the Ottaw Sun's "Sun and The City" blog. An excerpt:
Never in my almost dozen or so years of doing this job have I ever had a reaction to a word or phrase I've used in a story...

However, it wasn't until I used the phrase again earlier this week to describe the almost 1 million cubic metres of human poo that was inadvertently poured into the Ottawa River after a sewer gate became jammed after a massive rainfall in the summer of '06.

Everyone from those in the mayor's office, councillor's assistants giving me the finger, to the public and my own colleagues have questioned why I used the word. There have even been those who have submitted letters to the editor about my use of the word. Read more...
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