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May 17, 2008

Mayor Larry has a blog

Mayor Larry O'Brien has a new blog. Says Larry:

Here you will find my story about growing up in a city that is as varied and as wonderful as the people who live here. Sometimes I get asked the question “Did you grow up in Ottawa?” I will smile and say, “Not yet, but it could happen!” On these pages I will share some hard won ethical lessons and values that might help guide that growing up.

In this blog you will also find my personal story of how some of the most challenging times in my life lead to my most honoured success – representing the citizens of our city.Blogger: OttawaStart Blog - Edit Post "Mayor Larry has a blog"

  • David Reevely says: "Seems to me that whatever you think of Mayor Larry O'Brien, blogging by (or in the names of) elected officials is to be encouraged."
  • Zoom says: "I think the mayor should write the blog himself - it’s too slick; it lacks the authenticity of a real blog. (Oh, one more thing - be sure to check out the French version of his blog and have a chuckle at the little French-talking mayor.)"
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