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April 01, 2008

The New Nepean?

We're hearing rumours today about a splinter group on Ottawa City Council that wants to de-amalgamate Nepean from the City of Ottawa. The group says growing displeasure from Barrhaven residents is fuelling the movement -- they've even drafted plans for a new Nepean City Hall, to be located off Jockvale Road. (Pictured above.) More details coming soon...

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  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    What a crock. Bunch of bored suburban hicks with nothing better to do. Move on, folks. We are one Ottawa now. Nice building, though.

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I thought it was an April Fool's joke.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    About time we separate from these hicks in Ottawa. All they want is our money and get us in debt.


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