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February 14, 2008

New baseball team: The Ottawa Rapids / Les Rapides

Ottawa's new baseball team will be known as the "Rapids" -- or "Les Rapides" in french. The unofficial Ottawa Rapids blog has lots of videos and photos from the big announcement earlier today.

Steve Warne offers his thoughts on the new name here.

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  1. Bodies of water and baseball don't really relate much do they? The Rapids might be a more suitable name for a hockey team since they could have a tag-line such as... "You're on thin ice when you're playing against the Rapids!"

    But whatever. What makes them think anybody will come to see them more than anyone did the Lynx? I think instead I'll go to the rapids and watch the kayaks!

  2. I agree with Ruhh.. wasn't the Lynx a hint enough.. that Ottawa isn't into Baseball?

  3. The fact is ottawa is a very big baseball town.The first 5 years of the lynx avg 7,000 per game.Then the city did take away 40% of the parking spots.

  4. The difference between the Lynx and the Rapids is simple. The lynx weren't our team... they were someone else's AAA team. These Rapids will be OUR team. As in when a player makes himself stand out... he isn't gunna leave to go to the majors. He'll be here unless he's traded. So this should be better baseball then what the Lynx gave us.


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