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January 04, 2008

The Ottawa Flapjacks? New baseball team searches for a new name

Too bad we didn't hear about this until after the contest was finished: Ottawa's new Can-Am League baseball team -- the one that will replace the Lynx as the main tenant at Ottawa's baseball stadium -- held a contest last month to name the team. They had 500 entries, including the ones listed below on the league's web site:

Alliteration is one of the favored themes and such names as the Ottawa Omega, Otters, Outlaws, Owls, Osprey and Orbit have been entered.

With Ottawa being a government center, there are many who favor a name that reflects that aspect of the city. Entries include the Ottawa Parliament, the Governors, the Federals (Feds), the Nationals, the Colonials, and the Capitals.

“Jacks” seems to be a favorite with some fans, and such names as the Lumberjacks, the Slapjacks, the Flapjacks and Riverjacks have come in.

Ottawa’s place as a river city has given fans inspiration with entries of Rivermen, the Rapids, RiverKings, Rideau Raiders, Raftsmen, Canal Diggers, and simply Rideaus have come in. The lumber industry has also come into play with Lumbermen, Loggers, and Timber Barons names.

Traditionalists have picked Expos and Lynx, and with a bit of creativity, the Capital City Tax Dodgers, and Ottawa Eh’s have been entered.

The final name will be selected on Monday.

(Thanks CC!)

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