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January 08, 2008

James Duthie: Ottawa could be Hockeytown

From James Duthie's blog:
Recently, Sports Illustrated declared St. Paul Minnesota the new Hockeytown U.S.A, replacing Detroit. That angered folks in the 313 (which probably is not a good idea…I’m just sayin’). Throw Canada into the mix and you have an argument that will lead to either:

a. A lively debate
b. Canadian Civil War


With puck passion so equally spread across Canada (and a couple of spots south), Hockeytown has no permanent address anymore. Rather it shifts from city to city, depending on where the hockey spotlight shines brightest. And over the next year, Hockeytown North America could be…should be...Ottawa.

How is this for a hat trick:

1. A 2nd straight Stanley Cup Final (????????)
2. The NHL Draft
3. The World Juniors

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