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December 28, 2007

A reader's thoughts about Ottawa radio

Reader Lawrence Bishop sent along these thoughts about the state of morning radio in Ottawa. What do you think?
In regards to Ottawa Radio CBC is #1 CFRA is #2 both are talk radio stations!

What that tells me as a former broadcaster, is Ottawa music stations need a real face lift, the only station that has a half decent morning show is located on CHEZ 106, this show has somewhat of a radio format with one problem if I have to wait for the news to get the weather on the hour and half hour.

That does not work for me, I get up at 7:15 hop in a shower, out by 7:35 miss the weather then get dressed head out to catch a bus still not aware of the current forcast..Take a lesson Doc & Woody! Newyork gives the weather every fifteen minutes for a reason..It works better.

Magic 100 is the only other show that has a nice morning show for the older crowd Thanks to Keven and Bill.

As far as the others Kiss Fm Mornings, I think this show is somewhat boaring and ya we lost what was funny about two people announcing "The...Boil", sounds like something stupid they might do in Montreal.

Hot 89.9 Morning Hot Tub...Shut Up! Too much endless dull chatter from 4 people at the same time, Sorry Laura, but you don't have a voice for radio

Bob 93.9 JR and Sandy ... thinks she is funny, but after you go back and listen to the tapes you find out you sounded very stupid..your not funny!

The Bear again too much talk with a few laughs now and again.

The rest Oldies 1310,The Jewel,Live 88.5,Y101,Jack Fm etc. all sound the same, everyone is making fun of Brittney Spears or doing the same entertainment stories, I can flip from one station then to the next to find the same crap being repeated.

Most announcers in Ottawa sound like their just reading stories out loud from the toilet..Not really interested, in simple terms, just something to do! When I was in radio we made creative mornings and we kicked the shit outta CBC in ratings as well as an MOR and Hit station in North Bay in 1985..The ratings for the Country station I was at dropped and kept on dropping when I quit. Since then this station has been sold 3 times, Its still losing money, No ratings= No listeners=No one to advertise,.

That won't happen in Ottawa, because the market is big enough and the local stations have figured out shut up and play the music before we lose anymore listeners from about 9 am for most of the day it's less talk.

Cheers from Doc, of the former Doc and Woody from North Bay back in 1985. Woody from North Bay was made so popular he was elected as an MP for 3 strait terms and had to retire of he may have been elected again! His name is Bob Wood.
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  1. lol, I stopped listening to the raido 10 years ago, aside from the occasional CBC, nothing but the same dribble without any substance. ahh the days when we had specific stations with a specific genre ...

  2. Mighty12:10 PM

    Eternal Hermit has worse spelling than me (lol). Anyway, I flip around the dial in the morning and stick with the most interesting talk or song. The only station that has been removed from my speed-click is 100.3 since Kevin joined and was getting so sickening with his attacks on Bill who must really want him "whacked".

  3. Mighty12:18 PM

    Sorry. That was Lawrence Bishop posting with "Keven" & "Strait" ... not Eternal Hermit.


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