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December 19, 2007

Rant of the Day: Christmas e-cards

Keelan from Capital PR rants about bad corporate e-Christmas cards:
For me, nothing says “I refuse to put any effort or expense whatsoever into this” quite like an e-Christmas / e-Holiday card does... a lot of them have been very similar: a winter scene with the ‘cutting-edge animation’ of falling snow and some generic, unoriginal greeting.

Christmas / Holiday cards is a contact with your customers, partners and suppliers, and like all contact with those parties, its an opportunity to build the relationship, so it should be done right. Read the entire post...

Keelan also points out this example of a good e-card from McMillan, an ad & design firm in Ottawa.

Have you seen any other good e-cards from local companies? Post the link to our comments below!

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