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October 24, 2007

Who took the buffalo skull?

We received this email today from a reader named Kathie:
To the folks who borrowed my friend’s stuff permanently while on your ATV’s:

Back about 3 weeks ago, you came to my friend’s camp in Perkins, on Rue Lac Croche, (Lac Serpent). I am writing you to let you know what you took along with the log splitter, dump trailer, chain saw, propane heater and assorted other tools.

You should be aware that these tools were used by friends, family and most importantly, by troubled youth, to build and maintain this little piece of heaven.
You took that peace that was there and the feeling of safety and security.

Most importantly, you also took a buffalo skull that is held sacred to us, our youth and others that come to this camp for help. It is a much-loved artifact of our First Nation’s culture and people. It was handed down to my friend from Elders who know of the unselfish good deeds he has done for people from everywhere.

This item, to you, probably means nothing. But to us, it symbolizes our healing journey out of a way of life that is doing harm to us and the next 7 generations. I speak of our children, grandchildren and so on.

With all I have in me, I ask that if nothing else, you please return this very sacred item.

I can go on and on but I will just say in ending that my friend is beside himself with grief and because he doesn’t have money to replace anything and no insurance (couldn’t afford it) he is determined to come out of this on top; he will cut wood with an axe (someone gave him) and haul the wood from the bush by hand just to provide a place of reflection for those people who need it.

My friend has already forgiven you and puts you in his prayers everyday, hopes that you find peace and stop harming yourself with the drugs and the poison that you insist you need.

My friend is a truly humble person. Many of us that come to him for healing think of him as our Elder (a person of respect and knowledge) although he does not consider himself as such

I ask that if you know where this sacred buffalo skull is, that you have it returned to my friend’s camp or call the number below and arrange for it to be picked up. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. (613) 995-6067.

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