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October 28, 2007

So long, Ping Pong

With sadness, we report that Andrew Knapp's wonderful ping pong photoblog is coming to an end. Andrew posted this note last week:
Well folks, this is it. The last post you'll see on Ping Pong. With this blog, I intended to find something to motivate me to get to know how to use a camera and how to take decent photos. I feel now that I've achieved at least one of those. I'll keep taking photos, and as I do, they will be on my flickr. I have plans to do series with some creative photography in the future. Those will be posted on flickr as well.

Ping Pong is/was one of Ottawa's best photo blogs, capturing all sorts of fun/weird/revealing visuals of our city. We've featured several of his photos before on OttawaStart. Check out this big gallery of his pics. We'll be subscribing to his Flickr feed to watch for more.

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