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October 22, 2007

Rant of the Day: Baby buggies on the bus

Today's rant comes from knitnut.net. Here's a snippet from post titled Baby buggies on the bus bug me (awesome alliteration):

Why do they have the stroller section at the very front of the bus? It just creates a bottleneck and an obstacle course for everybody else, and I can’t believe the parents with the strollers like being in everybody’s way all the time.

When I had a little kid, we weren’t allowed to take strollers on the bus (except for folded umbrella strollers). Nowadays there are parents with outrageously huge super-deluxe strollers with trunks and trailers and canopies and built-in toyboxes getting on the bus. I’ve gone camping in smaller vehicles! Can’t there be some kind of limit on the size of stroller permitted on the bus? Read on...

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