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October 13, 2007

Ontario Election: Post-election notes

  • What a boring election - at least in Ottawa.
  • All the incumbents got back in: Norm Sterling, Lisa MacLeod, Phil McNeely, Dalton McGuinty, Madeleine Meilleur & Jim Watson.
  • The only "new guy" is Yasir Naqvi, a Liberal in Ottawa Centre. He replaces Liberal MPP Richard Patten, who didn't run for re-election.
  • Very similar to the municipal election last fall - when every single incumbent was re-elected.
  • Randall Denley summed it up today in the Ottawa Citizen: "We take the same approach as we do when ordering a pizza. We just pick what we had the last time."
  • The Green Party beat the NDP in 2 local ridings - Carleton-Mississippi Mills and Nepean-Carleton.
  • Given how "safe" voters tend to be these days, the fact that 36.9% actually voted to change our electoral system is pretty remarkable.
  • Highest voter turn-out in Ottawa was in Ottawa-Centre, where 60.5% of eligible voters cast a ballot. Lowest voter turn-out was Ottawa-Vanier, 53.3%.

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