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October 15, 2007

Mystery candidate Robert Larter runs again

Does anybody remember Robert Larter? He's the guy who ran for mayor in 2006, but made himself totally unavailable to any media covering the election (We blogged about him last October.) Amazingly, he ended up with 667 total votes.

Then last week, we started getting a lot of Google search traffic for "Robert Larter". Turns out he was running as an independent candidate in Ottawa-Vanier. True to form, he remained a mystery to most voters and the media.
  • The University of Ottawa Fulcrum profiled all the candidates, but couldn't reach Larter: "Robert Larter was a candidate in the 2006 mayoral race, but could not be reached for comment by press time."
  • The Ottawa Sun: "Robert Larter, who also ran for mayor in last year’s municipal election is running as an independent candidate."
  • We couldn't even find a mention of Larter in the Ottawa Citizen.
And incredibly, he got 256 votes! Who is this guy?

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