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September 22, 2007

Ottawa restaurants & Facebook

Check out this facinating post from Lex on the CheapEats Ottawa blog. It breaks down the popularity of local restaurants based on the number of group members on Facebook:
Facebook Takes Ottawa Restaurant Fandom to a new level

The biggest fan group is for: DiRienzo's = Best Sandwiches in Ottawa (1,772 members). But even with 1,772 fans, some still want to change things up: De Rienzo's rocks my socks!...but could use an outdoor eating area. (39 members)

Though they certainly aren't the only Italian Sandwich spot with fans showing their facebook love: Bottega Boys [2.0] (57 members)

Another big hit: Maroush Int'l Shawarma (577 members), seems to have a few customers happy to admit they are on the naughty list: Marroush International Shawarma - NO SHAWARMA FOR YOU!!! (79 members)

Bagels in a BinKettleman's, another spot with a vocal fan base, shows some solid numbers: Kettleman's Bagel (382 members)

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