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September 01, 2007

Ottawa company hacks an iPhone with a paper clip

Dan Cummins, CEO of local web company Atomic Motion, sent along this Ottawa Business Journal story about how they hacked an iPhone using a paper clip:
Bobby Tzanev, the chief technology officer of web development company Atomic Motion, has been able to hack into the iPhone without going through the difficult soldering process employed by Mr. Hotz, by using a paper clip to connect the appropriate points in the phone. The smartphone can now be used with any GSM provider, of which only Fido and Rogers qualify in Canada.

On top of that, Mr. Tzanev says the local company has developed a hack to automatically convert YouTube videos into a format the the iPhone can use without connecting to AT&T, which has an exclusive distribution agreement with Apple in the United States and offers a proprietary service to enable video streaming from the popular user-uploaded video site.
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