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September 15, 2007

Another fire near Somerset

A tip of the hat to Robin Kelsey, who is quickly becoming the unofficial photographer of fires in the Somerset area. (Last month, we linked to some of his great pics of the fire at Somerset and Booth.) According to the Ottawa Citizen, at least 23 "newsworthy" fires have occured in Somerset West area since 1980.

There have been countless smaller fires in the area as well. Today, he's posted pics of yet another blaze - this time on Cambridge Street, near the same location of another fire on August 13. Check out all of the pics on the photoblog, Watawa Life.

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  1. I think I actually saw robin on his front porch with his camera. not sure if it was him. anyways, a few more of today's fire can be found here:

  2. Hi Sarah. Thanks for posting the link. I really like the close-up pic of the fire hydrant - very vibrant with the colours and the action.


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