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August 30, 2007

Potential new radio stations for Ottawa

Milkman Unlimited reports that 11 parties have submitted applications to the CRTC for a new radio station license in Ottawa / Gatineau.

Here they are:
  1. 3077457 Nova Scotia Limited (Jack McGaw) (Tourist Station)
  2. Astral
  3. Christian Hit Radio
  4. Corus Radio Company
  5. Fiston Kalambay Mutombo (on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated)
  6. Frank Torres (on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated)
  7. Instant Information Services
  8. Mark Steven Maheu (on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated)
  9. Ottawa Media Inc. (Evanov)
  10. Radio de la communauté francophone d'Ottawa
  11. Reel Radio (French campus)
The full list, along with address & contact info for each applicant, is on the CRTC web site.

Some notes:

#8 - Mark Steven Maheu - is an interesting one. Mark Maheu (assuming it's the same person) used to run the CHUM stations in Ottawa (CFRA, Majic, Team 1200, Bob/Kool). More recently, he was one of the top executives at Newcap, who own Live 88.5 & Hot 89.9.

#4 - Corus - owns a bunch of stations in Ontario, and all over Canada, but so far none in Ottawa.

#6 - Frank Torres - a quick Google Search uncovers a connection with Radio One: The Urban Media Specialist. The web site says the company has "70 Radio Stations in 22 of the Top 53 African-American Markets"

#5 Fiston Kalambay Mutombo - not sure who he is, but another name associated with the application, Roger Debrabant, is

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  1. Are you absolutely sure these are the same Frank Torres?

  2. No, we're not sure at all that it's the same Frank Torres.


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