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August 01, 2007

Ottawa to host EXPO 2017?

CFRA reports today:
Mayor Larry O'Brien is floating the idea of bidding for the World's Fair.

O'Brien told reporters EXPO 2017 in Ottawa could coincide with Canada's 150th birthday.

O'Brien says he has been speaking with Federal and Ontario officials about launching a bid for the World's Fair.


The Mayor suggests EXPO could be a focal point for developing Ottawa's transportation and cultural infrastructure.

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  1. It looks like several Canadian cities are talking about the idea of an Expo 2017: Hamilton, Edmonton, Montreal, and now Ottawa! Toronto got close to bidding for 2015, but couldn't get the financial support from the various levels of government at the time. I wouldn't be surprised if Toronto resurrects their bid.

    Seeing that we haven't had a world's fair in North America since 1986, I suspect a Canadian bid would almost surely succeed! 31 years is a long time to go without a single expo in the US or Canada.

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  3. Expo 2010 is in Calgary

  4. Keenan Wellar3:37 AM

    How about focusing on the state of our city here and now instead of this series of distractions that ranges from possibly hosting an event 10 years from now or worrying about how people in Cornwall might get to Ottawa more conveniently? Like, for example, is there any chance that we'll ever have a budget process that makes sense to anyone with even a loose foundation in logic or...dare to dream...strategic planing?


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