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August 11, 2007

Nice feature: Appletree website shows clinic wait times

Appletree Medical Group is a chain of 11 medical clinics in Ottawa. Their web site has many strong features: detailed maps and directions, and online cancellation tool, and lots of tips and resources. But the best feature is a listing of approximate wait times at each of their locations. Here's a screenshot from today (click for full size):

What a great tool to help patients decide which clinic to visit. Today, for example, you can see that the shortest wait is at the Ogilvie location, 10 minutes. Far better than the 2 hour wait at the Baseline clinic.

This is a feature many service-based businesses and organizations should implement. Government service centres, hospitals, the city's hazardous waste drop-off centre, restaurants. Anywhere that you have to line-up for services. Consumers can use the information to decide when to go - which could help spread out demand to non-busy times.

Are there any other Ottawa organizations that do this? The only one I can think of is the Canadian Border Services Agency, and their list of Canada / U.S. Border Wait Times.

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