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July 13, 2007

Rant of the Day: Sandy Sharkey on Bluesfest complainers

BOB FM's Sandy Sharkey has a great post on her blog today, calling out people who complain about Bluesfest:
"Again this year the ‘lawn chair people’ are battling the ‘standers’. People are also complaining about the line-ups, the location, the noise, the weather, the sun’s glare off the river, the grass not being soft enough, the beer cup lids not being tight enough, the people in the VIP section looking too happy, the hand-washing water outside the porta-potties not being cold enough, the sun going down too early, the sun going down too late, why are bikes not allowed inside the venue, the tiny tom donuts have too much sugar on them, there’s mustard on my shoe and I didn’t put it there. Geez!! We have the most amazing festival in North America right in our backyard, so stop complaining!!!" Read more...
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