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July 18, 2007

Jamie Douglas, Puppeteer

We just stumbled upon the website of Jamie Douglas, an entertainer from nearby Almonte, Ontario. He's a puppeteer working with caricatures of Canadian personalities like Peter Mansbridge, Don Cherry, and Wayne Rostad.

Many of the puppets he works with were created by Noreen Young, another Almonte resident with a pretty nifty web site.

He's been adding some of his work on YouTube over the past few weeks. Here's a full list, and here's a sample clip below.

(via Inside the CBC)

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  1. Jamie Douglas9:40 PM

    Thanks for the nod!
    Cheers and well wishes,


  2. Jamie Douglas10:12 AM

    Here's a brand-new clip from the 2007 Puppets Up! Festival...



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