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July 24, 2007

Is this Ottawa's best ice cream?

From the National Post Best of Summer blog:
OTTAWA - Ice cream -- it's one of the simple pleasures in life and as much a part of summer as canoe trips and long dips in the lake. In Ottawa's tony Rockcliffe neighbourhood, an ice cream stand called Bar Laitier Rockcliffe would make Voltaire, the French philosopher and writer, proud. It would also please Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts.
This is your standard old-fashioned ice cream stop (no low-fat gelato here) and you feel better eating it somehow as the money goes toward a good cause -- the Scouts. It's run by Les Scouts du District d'Ottawa, a francophone branch. Until recently, the Scouts even served up the cones themselves, a charming touch.
The pavilion, built in 1917 by the Ottawa Improvement Commission (replaced by the government-run National Capital Commission), housed a popular ice cream stand from 1929 to 1964. It was run by a local couple but closed for nearly 30 years until 2003, when the Scouts saw an opportunity to raise funds and create jobs and struck a deal with the government to reopen the stand.

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