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July 03, 2007

Aramark apologizes for food problems during FIFA game

CBC News has a report today about the food problems at Lansdowne Park on Saturday night during the first FIFA U-20 World Cup game. (We blogged about the very long line-ups on the weekend.)

Aramark, the company that runs the concessions at Frank Clair Stadium, promised to double-stock all of its kiosks for tonights' game. They ran out of food & beer during Saturday's doubleheader.

That addresses part of the issue, but does nothing to fix the real problem -- that there simply aren't enough food kiosks available to properly service 25,000+ fans during a 5-hour event.

The FIFA event organizers could fix the problem pretty quickly by:
a) allowing fans to bring their own food into the event
b) allowing fans to leave Lansdowne Park between games to grab a bit to eat in the Glebe

If you're at the game tonight, let us know how the food service was.

Ottawa FIFA U-20 World Cup Guide

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