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June 22, 2007

Saturday is Give Away Day

Saturday, June 23 is Give Away Day in Ottawa. It's kind of like a garage sale, except without the money. The City is encouraging residents to leave unwanted items at the curb for other residents to pick up.

Before we moved to the suburbs, we lived downtown, where it was Give Away Day pretty much any day of the week. You can leave anything in front of your house or apartment downtown, and chances are good it will be gone within a few hours.

Our best "Give Away": When we moved into our house near Preston Street, we inherited an ancient home gym from the previous owners. It was too big and awkward to carry upstairs in one piece, so we disassembled it, and took the pieces to the cub. We dumped all the weights, arms, bolts, and other pieces in a big cardboard box.

The entire thing was gone within 40 minutes.

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