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June 30, 2007

Have fun at the FIFA U20 game, but make sure you eat first

Just got home from the first night of the FIFA U-20 World Cup tournament in Ottawa. Some quick thoughts:
  • Make sure you eat first, or sneak in a snack. The concessions were a disaster. With about 1 hour between the two games tonight, thousands of people tried in vain to grab a bite to eat at the Lansdowne Park concessions. (There were similar concessions problems the night before at Lebreton Flats.)

  • The guy behind us spent over an hour in line for a $4 slice of pizza. Lansdowne Park was sold out - yet inexplicably not all of the concession stands were open.

  • Suggestion for the organizers: Allow people to leave Lansdowne Park between games to get food on Bank Street. Or add many, many more food vendors.

  • Frank Clair Stadium was packed, meaning close to 27,000 people attended the game. It was great to see the stadium packed on a summer evening.

  • It was the most colourful crowd we've ever seen at Frank Clair Stadium. Argentina had the biggest crowd support, but fans were there in jerseys from all around the globe.

  • No goals scored during either game. Game #2 (Czech Republic vs. Argentina) was the better match, with lots of chances both ways.|

  • OC Transpo looked like they were well equipped for the post-game rush, with dozens of buses parked along Bank Street at the end of the game.
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