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June 26, 2007

FIFA Soccer, Canada Day, and naked bike riders

"Behind the scenes" at OttawaStart: Like most websites, we track how many people visit each of the pages on our web site. (We use Google Analytics for all our tracking.)

Here are three of our pages that are getting lots of visitors this week:
  • FIFA U20 World Cup Ottawa - This page has moved up the charts to become our #1 guide on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Our search engine tracking shows that most people are looking for ticket info for this event, which starts June 30 at Lansdowne Park.

  • Canada Day Guide - As it does every year, traffic on our Canada Day Guide shoots up at the end of June as Ottawan residents start planning for July 1. This week, we expect our Canada Day Guide to account for about 10% of all pageviews on our site.

  • World Naked Bike Ride, Ottawa - This post on the OttawaStart Blog has accounted for nearly 50% of all pageviews on the blog over the past two weeks.

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