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April 22, 2007

One in ten Ottawans on Facebook?

Check out this blog post from Buzz Canuck that compares usage of Facebook in different cities around the globe. Canadian cities have a remarkably high Facebook usage. Here are the "number of Facebook users per K capita" for select Canadian cities:
  • Halifax: 183
  • Toronto: 96
  • Ottawa: 93
  • Calgary: 79
  • Vancouver: 72
  • Edmonton: 55
  • Montreal: 22
(By comparison, the highest U.S. city listed is Boston, at 73 users per 1000 capita.)

These numbers are based on the latest Census information, and the number of Facebook users who are members of each city group. It's not necessarily a perfect representation of the actual numbers - for example, you don't have to live in Ottawa to join the group - but it is an interesting comparison.

And it means that roughly 100,000 Ottawans - or 1 in 10 people in our city - are Facebook members.


  1. Kingston, maybe because it's such a big "college town" has a Facebook population in excess of 27,700. With a total population in the metropolitan area of 155,000 (c. 2006) that makes Kingston's Facebook ratio about 1 in 5. Probably more if you count all the other networks that are regional to Kingston.

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