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January 11, 2007

Alternative ideas for Winterlude

From the Elgin Street Irregulars blog, some ideas for how we can celebrate Winterlude, without the ice:
Idea #3 – Winterlude: Ottawa’s Annual Tulip Festival
Wouldn’t it be wacky if we celebrated our winter splendor with an aquatic theme? Bathtub boat races in the unfrozen canal. Polar Bear Swim-a-thons. A flotilla. Wait a minute --- we already have some of this. It’s called the Tulip Festival. But if I remember from a few years ago, we actually got snowed out for one of the concerts at Tulip Fest. Maybe that’s the problem: we’ve got things backwards. We need to keep the events but swap the dates. Though I heard recently that the Tulip Fest is bankrupt. That’s what they get for not having an ice carving competition.

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