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December 02, 2006

OMFG IT'S SNOWING: Tips for riding the bus during a snowstorm

Skippdog posted these tongue-in-cheek tips for riding OC Transpo during a snowstorm:

  1. If you see a bus coming, run as fast as you can, pushing people out of the way in order for you to board. The more snowflakes that hit you, the closer you are to death. Don't feel bad about pushing old people either. They're old and will die soon enough anyways.
  2. If you manage to survive snowflakes hitting you and board a bus, be sure to stand right up at the front and block the rest of the people trying to get on and move to the back.
  3. This tip is VERY important. Check yourself for snowflakes! If you have snow on you, immediately brush it off onto the other passengers. This could be the difference between life and death.
  4. Do NOT pay attention to where you are. If you happen to notice you've missed your stop, yell at the driver and demand to be let off. Again, shoving people out of your way is a good technique.
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