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December 13, 2006

O-Train Plan B

From the ELgiN StreEt iRReguLars blog:
So it looks like Ottawa’s transit plan is about to be de-railed. Anyway, if it looks like Mayor Lex Luther and his posse are about to fully capitulate on the whole idea of public transit, I offer the following plan B’s for consideration.

Idea#1 – Very, very, very-light rail

Did any of you ever visit Upper Canada Village as kid? Or maybe even as an adult? It seems every year of my life between grade 2 and grade 7, our annual school trip took us to that wonderful pioneer world just off the banks of the St. Lawrence River. I hated it, of course. At the time, I wasn’t into history and found it all very boring. But the cool thing was the miniature train. I’m sure it doesn’t cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. Once the Feds and the province back out, it may be all we can afford.

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