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December 28, 2006

Meet Mark Blevis, the Glebe's greatest podcaster

From the City Journal, an article about Glebe resident and podcaster, Mark Blevis:
In a cramped room on the third floor of his Monk Street home in the Glebe, Mark Blevis shows off the messy center of his aptly named citizen-media empire “Third Story Productions.”
Wielding nothing more than a digital recorder, mixer, desktop computer, and a microphone stuck in a tiny closet barely big enough to fit his lanky body, Blevis has become a 21st century, self-described “citizen-media” mogul.

He’s also a pioneer in the growing Canadian community of podcasting.

For those not in the high-tech know just yet, a podcast is a radio-style show distributed in mp3 file format and downloadable via the Internet. As Blevis stresses, listeners don’t need an iPod to listen. Any mp3 player will do, whether it’s a portable player or desktop computer.

Blevis began podcasting his first show, Electric Sky, in 2005, using basic equipment crammed in his small, third-storey room. Since then, his production output has grown to more than five shows ranging in topics from his family’s life, to children’s books, to podcasting in general. He’s also recorded shows on a contract basis and has interviewed a variety of celebrities.

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