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November 15, 2006

Yet another free daily newspaper: 24 Hours

Ottawa has yet another free daily newspaper. 24 Hours is published by Sun Media (the same folks who bring you the Ottawa Sun).

It's actually two new free daily newspapers, because there's an English and French version. According to an article in today's Sun, "About 40,000 copies of each newspaper will be in newspaper boxes this morning — yellow boxes, most in Gatineau, for the French paper, and orange for the English."

It's the third new newspaper in Ottawa in the past few weeks -- launching just after RushHour and City Journal.

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  1. Ruhh - FirstGateDreamer9:36 AM

    As the landfill reaches towards the sky, the OC Transpo bus floors turn into a letter speckled gray. A parade of celebrities and advertisements disguised as news fills our minds and surroundings.

    Viva la garbage!

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    firstgatedreamer beat me to it. The only thing free about this paper is the cost of picking one up.

    What about the costs of cutting down trees, energy spent printing, the fuel wasted delivering the papers, wasted time picking up the discarded papers from bus floors, shelters and sidewalk.

    These papers are far from free and all the newspaper boxes occupying the curbs are an eyesore.

    I hope all these papers fail miserably like Dose did. I gues sone positive is that they could reuse those Dose boxes.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Agreed. My previous post is here:


    But I wonder if you two are referring to just the dailies or all three newbies? I was only referring to Rush Hour when I posted that. The two free dailies are pointless.


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