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September 26, 2006

Fixing Centrum #2: Fewer entrances off Herlihey

Five ways to fix Kanata Centrum
#2: Fewer entrances off Herlihey

Herlihey Way is the street that (sort of) runs in front of Loblaws, running between the Chapters and Terry Fox Drive. But Herlihey doesn't work. There are too many entrances to the street from the adjacent parking lots.

There are four or five entrances to the Loblaws down the north side. On the south side, there are about the same number of entrances to restaurants, the TD Bank, and the Walmart parking lot.

But none of the entrances are aligned, and there's only one set of stop signs -- making it tough for motorists turn right or left onto Herlihey out of the parking lots. And there's no place for pedestrians to cross, either.

So either add some stop signs and/or limit the number of access points along Herlihey, to get rid of the car chaos that's there now.

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