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August 27, 2006

Steve Warne: "Stop Killing Off The Lynx"

Steve Warne (from the Team 1200 morning show) posted this on his blog today:
"So, from someone who saw up close how exciting and important this organization once was: Please. Local writers. I beg you. Stop. Stop writing Ottawa Lynx obits every summer. It’ll happen. We get it. In the meantime, try to cover the Lynx like they’re a big deal, instead of giving them a tiny paragraph on page D7 or tucked under an ad for the NuDen or under the photo of Rose Winthrop, who still loves lawn bowling at age 91." Read the full article...
Amen, Steve. It's getting tiresome that the only time the Lynx make the front page of the sports section is when there's yet another rumour of their impending death.

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