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August 12, 2006

Dominik Hasek & groin injuries

From Kukla's Korner, a blog about hockey: everything you wanted to know about goalies, groin pulls, and what happened to Dominik Hasek at the Olympics this year:
"Hasek’s overenthusiasm for participating in a second Olympic Games caused a finely-tuned athlete who must have everything he wears “just right” to wear two sets of pads that completely altered the angles at which his legs hit the ice, whether butterflying, kicking out a pad, or dropping to one knee, and he paid for it. So did the Senators.

Long story short? It’s entirely possible that Dominik Hasek’s groin is held together with piano wire and dried bubble gum, but he played spectacularly while wearing 11” pads for most of the season. In 2003-2004, he learned the hard way that he has to, in his words, take “great care” of his groin. Last year, he messed up by wearing two sets of pads that he wasn’t used to over the course of two days." Read more...
Also: Senators pre-season tickets are on sale Saturday at noon.

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