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July 17, 2006

Spring radio ratings are out, CBC Radio back on top

(A massive thunderstorm is rolling through Ottawa as I type this on Monday night ... hope I don't lose power. I will be saving frequently as a write this!)

The Spring radio ratings are out. (Thanks to Milkman Unlimited for the pointer.)

Some notes:

  • The top radio station is CBO (CBC Radio 1), with a 14.6% share. They're back on top, rebounding from a 8.5 rating during their 2005 labour dispute.
  • The top 5 stations account for nearly 50% of all listeners in Ottawa: CBC Radio 1, Hot 89.9, Majic 100, CRA & CHEZ. 21 stations were included in the survey.
  • New radio station The Jewel earned a very respectable 4.4 rating on their first-ever survey.
  • Majic 100 and Hot 89.9 are the top rated stations among women.
  • CFRA and CHEZ are the top rated stations among men.

A list of Ottawa's top ten stations, plus links to the full list, are available on OttawaStart's Radio Guide.

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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Where is BOB-FM in the pile?

  2. Check out our Radio Guide for the full list -- http://ottawastart.com/radio.php


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