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July 13, 2006

How do you do Bluesfest?

David Scrimshaw has a fun summary on his blog on how he prepares for Bluesfest -- what he calls his "Bluesfest Schema". He explores how his schema has evolved over the years -- it's a fun read. sample:

My old schema involved lots of equipment, especially festival chairs. Over the years I've acquired possession of six of them. (For you law nerds, title to two of the chairs might still rest with the individuals who left them in my house. It's not clear whether they abandoned them or not.)

I have all these chairs because I am too inflexible to be comfortable sitting on the ground and I like to sit with friends when I watch a show. Because I have many friends who operate on a modified Susan Lee Schema, I have found that if I set up a bunch of chairs at a stage, I usually wind up with a bunch of these friends joining me, because they really are more comfortable than the ground and I'm good at getting close to the stage.

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