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June 02, 2006

Municipal Election 2006 - still five months away

There are three wards in Ottawa without a candidate registered for the 2006 Municipal Election. Now, there's still over 5 months until the election, so still plenty of time to sign up -- but if you're looking for an easy election campaign, maybe these wards might be for you?
  • College - Ward 8
  • Gloucester-Southgate - Ward 10
  • Rideau-Vanier - Ward 12
More stuff:
  • Memo to the City of Ottawa's web department: On your official candidate list page, please add the name of each ward, alongside the ward number. I'm guessing that for most people, "Ward 3" is meaningless - whereas "Bell-South Nepean" is just a little more descriptive.
  • Mayoral Don Rivington has dropped out of the race -- but his web page doesn't give any reason why.
  • Mayoral candidate Barkley Pollock is using a MySpace page as his election web site.
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