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May 25, 2006

Yet another carpool site

From a press release today on OttawaStart:

Choosing alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle will get even easier
with www.ottawaridematch.com, a free and easy-to-use internet-based system allowing
commuters to match up with carpool partners. The City of Ottawa, in collaboration
with Transport Canada, developed the state-of-the-art program to enhance sustainable
travel option choices. The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport,
Infrastructure and Communities, Mayor Bob Chiarelli, and Councillor Janet Stavinga
will unveil the new program. Read the full release...

Two things:
  • How much did it cost The City and its partners to set this thing up? There's already a well-used site for carpooling, that's been around since 2003, called OttawaCarPool.ca, run by OttawaStart Internet Services. (...not to mention numerous other message boards and national carpool sites that serve the same purpose.)
  • As of 7pm Thursday night, the site is full of broken links. Hope they get those fixed in time for Friday's official launch.
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