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April 16, 2004

The trouble with buses

From Patrick Crozier's Transport Blog:
There are no good bus stops. They range from the bearable to the truly appalling. At best you get an only-partially-vandalised shelter with some plastic seats and an LED display - the accuracy of which I wouldn't like to vouch for.

Passenger information is dire. Which bus or combination of buses do I need? You try answering that question. If you are very lucky you'll have a map. But I struggle to recall any time when it was of any use. It's pure pot luck...

Eventually the bus, or buses, will arrive. There's a scrum to get on. You might find a seat though there's a good chance you'll be sitting next to a chav/ned/creep/weirdo. And the seat'll be too narrow and your knees'll get crushed. The ride is poor. The engine thunders. The vehicle sways in all directions...

Where do I get off? No clues. It is not simply a matter of not being familiar with the area. Even if you are, you don't necessarily know where the stops are or even in which order the bus stops at them...

At least Patrick lives in London, where some of the buses have top decks!
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