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January 28, 2004

Bus spotting

I take the bus every day to work in the winter. Up until a few weeks ago, all Ottawa buses looked pretty much the same to me. Some are short buses, some are accordion buses, some are newer, some are older. But all in all, pretty darn similar.

Then, I discovered the octranspofanclub (yahoo login required).

The message board is full of hard-core transit fans, who discuss everything from scheduling quirks to taillights. I'm guessing some of the posters are mechanics or operators at OC Transpo. A sample:

For some reason, the 85 got most of the 6300 series buses yesterday.
I spotted 7 of them on the 85.
Was on Orion VI #4021 yesterday, run #109-15, on the number 6.
The number 2 was more packed than usual.

I should post a message asking why the #2 bus is never, ever on time.

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